Bucks County Beekeeping Association Seminar 8th February 2020

Bucks County Beekeeping Association 23rd Annual Seminar 8th February 2020

Wendover Memorial Hall, Wharf Road, HP22 6EF


Bob Smith NDB

Dr Serian Summer

Federation Day, 15th February 2020

This year Federation Day will be hosted by North London Beekeepers.

For more details please refer to attached pdf file.

AGM 2019



HBKA newly elected 2019/2020 Committee Members 

At the 2019 AGM held in Hatch End on Saturday 9th November the following HBKA members were nominated, propose, seconded and then duly elected by the membership. 

1. Chair - Rod Parker

2. Vice Chair- Sarah James

3. Treasurer - Jack Nicole

4. Assistant Treasurer and Membership Officer - Casper Kennedy