Registered Charity Number 286086

Members of the Federation of Middlesex Beekeepers Association

Affiliated to the British Beekeepers Association 

Privacy Policy 25/06/2018

This Privacy Policy describes how the Association uses and protects information supplied by members. The Association will follow the requirements of the current legislation and regulations.

What we collect

Information is supplied on an application for membership to ensure members may access the material benefits paid for to support hobby beekeeping activities. For each member Harrow Beekeepers Association (“the Association”) holds:

(1) Category of membership; (2) BBKA number; (3) Salutation;  (4) Initial; (5) First name; (6) Family name; (7) Address (postal); (8) Address (email);

(9) Telephone number (landline); (10) Telephone number (mobile). 

We also hold details of a members number of colonies (whether on Association sites or otherwise) for BDI purposes and to assist the ordering of stock for the Association trading hut.

What we do with the information we gather

The information provided on membership application forms is used by the

Association committee (“the Committee”) as follows

*circulated to the Committee and the Association’s trustees for use in administration of the Association

*passed to Middlesex Federation (prior to being sent to BBKA) when appropriate as part of recording membership, securing the material benefits paid and registering as swarm collectors

*passed to BBKA to record membership and secure the material benefits paid for

*passed to BDI to secure the material benefits paid for

*in relation to members with hives on HBKA sites only, members information is passed to relevant HM Government agencies for the control of bee diseases as required by law.

Membership forms are kept for up to 6 years and destroyed thereafter by shredding. Membership forms received by HBKA electronically are printed and retained for the same period. 

How do we process the information given by members?

1.Word document/PDF Association membership list for circulation to the

Committee and its Trustees and also in the day to day administration of the

2. Association e.g. (but not limited to) signing in attendance at meetings, list of phone numbers and email addresses for the Trading Officer of the Association to contact members about equipment; e.g. for the Committee or the Trustees to contact members regarding beekeeping matters and news.

3. Excel spreadsheet passed to BBKA to generate membership lists for BBKA purposes and in accordance with their own Privacy Policy. Receipt of information by BBKA triggers membership number, membership benefits, membership card and BBKA News monthly. 

4. Excel spreadsheet information passed to BDI Ltd. This is necessary to access BDI e-return system, to ensure BDI insurance is in place, and membership certificate sent to members.

Word document/PDF; only the details of Association members whose hives are on HBKA sites may be passed to HM Government bee inspectors for inclusion in the HM Government website, Bee Base, to assist in the management of bee diseases.

Why do we store and process it electronically?

Information supplied by members is stored on computer. It is processed electronically so as to be compatible with the BBKA and BDI Ltd who provide membership benefits and insurance to members.  All members and officers are volunteers and this is the reasonable efficient and cost-effective way to process data.

Consent – Members are requested to give their consent to the Association holding and processing data by completing the membership application form annually. The Association will ask parents/guardians to give consent for the holding and processing of data for Junior members.

Security – The Association will keep information secure to the best of its ability. Only designated officers, currently and Treasurer and Membership Secretary, have access to the BBKA membership register. 

Only the Membership Secretary and Treasurer, have access to BDI data via a secure log in to BDI website. 

Block emails sent to the membership will be sent Bcc Association members are emailed with a secure URL address.

The Association will not sell or distribute any information provided by its members for profit or gain.

Objection and removal – Members have the right to object to their data being held and processed electronically.  If a member’s data is no longer to be held electronically and they wish to remain a member, it will need to be recorded in paper form and manually processed by post to BBKA and BDI: this may cause delay and additional costs.

Controlling your personal information – Members may request details of or amendment or deletion of their personal information held by the Association by writing to the Committee which will take appropriate action as soon as possible.

Contact – If you have any request for information then please put this in writing via our Association website contact area.