Middx Federation Food Safety Course

A few places are left to book on the Middx Federation Food Safety Course, not far from us in Greenford on the 11 April. See "read more" below for latest details.


Harrow in Leaf Show 2015


Harrow in Leaf Show including the HBKA Annual Honey Show has been incorporated in the new "Headstone Village Show". It remains at the Headstone Manor Museum but will be only one day, the August Bank Holiday Monday. The produce and honey shows will be run by Harrow in Leaf and HBKA, but the entertainment and other stalls will be run by Harrow Council.

Gardening Songs?

Beekeepng is often shared with gardening and allotmenting. But how many are aware that Harrow has a seed company? And they have events at the seed warehouse? On the 19th March Jo Stephenson and Dan Woods are performing comic songs about gardening at Franchi "Seeds of Italy".


Nosema and Acarine training day

John Van Dyken and Danuta Loveday will be leading our session on Sunday 8th Feb, starting 11:00. John and Danuta are skilled in the use of our microscopes and camera. They have volunteered their time to demonstrate the use of the microscopes in detecting Acarine and Nosema in our bees. Come along and see how we can detect these conditions as an aid to understanding the health of your bees. Acarine is also known as the tracheal mite because it breeds in the adult bee's trachea. Dissection of the bee and examination of the trachea can show mite infestation.

Sugar Contamination

At the recent BBKA 2015 ADM the Executive agreed to investigate the regulation of honey and contamination with sugar and other residues. They are currently seeking any information and examples from members, if anyone is aware of incidents, they can contact Dr David Aston, Chair BBKA Technical and Environmental Committee.

Ordering Beekeeping Equipment

The HBKA Trading Officer keeps a stock of basic equipment available for members to buy. In 2015, every Sunday morning apart from the 3rd Sunday in the month equipment can be bought or collected from the apiary. It helps Brian if members could print the current equipment form and fill it in beforehand.

Hive Kit

Shook Swarming talk, Sunday 14 Feb

 Over recent years, neighbouring association Pinner and Ruislip have developed a strategy that includes regular shook swarming. That is a vigorous transfer of the colony to new frames and foundation each spring, as opposed to the gradual approach of a Bailey comb change or informal rotation of brood frames every 3 or 4 years. It has been recognised for many years that shook swarms have benefits of removing pathogens in the comb; it is one of the treatments available to Bee Inspectors to treat EFB.

AFB down, EFB rises

efb graph

EFB cases in the region rose slightly in 2014, in line with national trends according to Julian Parker's first Regional Bee Inspector Report for the South East. Detected AFB cases fell to only 2 in the region.

Federation Day 2015

Next educational and social event for the society is the Middlesex Federation Day, this year hosted by Enfield Association. Three excellent speakers, Dr Ian Stell on anatomy with many of the best microscopy photographs available anywhere, as below.  Dr Michael Keith-Lucas on Pollen in Forensic Science and Andy Willis on Planting for Bees.

Forager Autumn 2014

Anna Surgenor has published the latest edition of Forager, Autumn 2014. Includes Anna's review of the Harrow in Leaf show and Peter Steele's news from Rwanda beekeeping. Rwanda Beekeeping, photo FAO Rwanda


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