President's Day and Pot Luck Supper at the Apiary

Presidents Day Outside

We hope members can come to our President's day event on Saturday June 14th at the apiary at Hatch End starting at 5p.m. and finishing when everyone decides to leave. We are repeating the event held last year, which  incorporated the pot luck event and the president's day. This is a great opportunity to meet with our president Van Hinnman who very generously provides food and drinks for the members' enjoyment

Apiary Inspections, Sat 21 Jun


After the change of policy at the NBU last year, Regional or Seasonal Bee Inspectors were expected to concentrate on suspected disease outbreaks and routine inspections of association apiaries were left to the associations themselves. This year the BDI has issued grants of £100 to associations to help with the overheads.

Beecraft Web Chats

Beecraft have now run two of these "Hangouts" with the third taking place next Thursday, 29 May at 8.00pm. They last for around 45 minutes. The last one discussed how beekeepers aim to prevent swarms and next week they will be taking a look at diseases. Recordings of the previous two are available on the Beecraft link. Could be worth checking out whether it's worth watching before making room in the diary.

Swarms In the Local Paper

Moira was called out to a swarm that toppled an ornamental woven willow on the flower stall at Uxbridge station. Sounds like Moira made the most of the PR opportunity. Swarm Uxbridge

Swarm Season

swarm Swarm season is well underway in and around Harrow. Reports started as early as the first week in April where fields of OSR were available. The pictured swarm appeared at the HBKA apiary on the 27th April. Now is the time to check your hives regularly for queen cells.

Harrow Bee Equipment Sale

Following last year’s successful event this year’s sale will take place on Sunday 27th April at 11 am. So look out all your unused bee equipment and bring it along. The sale will be on the green just outside the apiary. 10% of the sales will go to the association funds.. fortnum bees

NBU Circular

The latest NBU newsletter includes warnings that some areas in the East of England are seeing stores running low after the mild winter. Continued brooding might also have resulted in varroa levels building up. There is also the annual recruitment of SBIs, including the position in Bucks vacated by Julian Parker, our recently promoted RBI.

Quotes as below:

National Pollinator Strategy

The BBKA will make a formal response to the Government's consultation, but David Aston has asked all beekeepers to read the consulation documents and respond before consultation closes on 2 May 2014.

West Sussex BKA Auction

The West Sussex Beekeepers’ Association is again organising a Bee Market and Auction for the benefit of its members and non members with beekeepers attending to buy and sell from a very wide area. auction

Cambridge Courses 2014

Plants, Insects and Bees are the subject of 2014 spring weekend courses priced at £240 by the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) at Madingley Hall, an elegant 16th century mansion on the outskirts of Cambridge.

Plants and their uses 16 to 18 May. Plants for making beer, wine, paper and cancer cures taught by naturalist and author, Dr Patrick Harding.


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