Did you know that beekeepers in the Harrow area collect over a ton of honey from their hives in a good year? Most of their hives are sited in back gardens, where bees can harvest nectar and pollen from flowers, shrubs and trees grown by enthusiastic suburban gardeners. In fact, so wide is the variety of plants grown that suburbs provide one of the best sources of forage for bees today; better than the countryside, which has largely been given over to intensive agriculture with grasses and cereals, yielding no honey and where selective weed killers have eradicated the wild flowers and weeds used by bees for forage. 
Being a part of Harrow Beekeepers Association means you will be one of over 100 members, from over 25 different nations and cultures, you will be a member of the British Beekeepers Association and the Federation of Middlesex Beekeepers. You will receive third party liability, bee disease and product liability insurance for upto 3 hives; 12 monthly editions of the 'Beecraft' magazine, 4 quarterly editions of our own Forager magazine, 12 editions of the BBKA News magazine, access to our extensive beekeeping library, training sessions once a month, work parties, access to mentors and help with exhibiting at local and national shows.

For more information send an email to any of the committee, or contact the Treasurer, You can also download the below application form.