BBKA Exams Booklist Updated

A new format list has been issued of books recommended for use with BBKA module and husbandry exams. It replaces the previous matrix with a list of titles for each paper headed by the titles currently in print. It also includes generic and freely available categories such as BBKA, FERA and NHS leaflets.

Winter colony losses on Radio 4 Farming Today

BBC Radio 4 Farming Today had reports this week that weather conditions in the past year have increased losses of colonies this winter, 50% or more for some beekeepers.

Bee on apple blossom

March of the Beekeepers

Demonstration to lobby the UK Government to ban neonicotinoids, 26th April 10.30am - congregate at the statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square

Improving Honey Bee Health - Consultation

Today sees the launch of the public consultation on the ‘Proposed changes to managing and controlling pests and diseases’, which can be found at the following link:

Sherlock Holmes & The Apprentice Beekeeper

Just to give all of us a feeling of the everyday the BBC have created some new Sherlock Holmes stories - the first of which involves a beekeeper.

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