National Honey Show Schedule 2013


The NHS schedule for 2013 is now available including the lecture and workshop programmes, which this year includes candle making by our own wax maestro Bill Fitzmaurice.


Irish Beekeepers lose over 50%.of hives

The Federation of Irish Beekeepers' Associations (FIBKA) are claiming that their 2,000 and more members have had their worst winter losses in memory. They estimate that hive numbers in Ireland fell to below 10,000 from more than 20,000 starting the winter. Irish Newspapers have more details.


Third of all English Colonies Lost Over Winter

The 2012/13 BBKA Winter Survival Survey has found that losses more than doubled across all regions in England.

2012/13 - 33.8%
2011/12 - 16.2%
2010/11 - 13.6%
2009/10 - 17.7%

Increase in Scottish Hive Loss over Winter

scottish hives

A Scottish Government Bee Health Survey covering the 2012-13 winter has shown 79% of beekeepers lost at least one hive over winter compared with only 39% in the previous winter. Beekeepers identified the weather, queen health, starvation and varroa mites as responsible for losses.