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Winter treatment

Winter treatment with Oxalic Acid is an important part of ensuring our bees start the new year with a minimal number of Varroa mites.

November and December are the times to make sure you have completed preparing your hives for winter and treated ready for the new season.
This HBKA Zoom meeting discusses the preparations and treatment with Oxuvar

Here is a video demonstrating the treatment method.

HBKA Apiary Managers have decided that all apiary hives must be treated with Oxalic Acid and will email the treatment dates to all members.
We will be using Oxuvar on the HBKA teaching hives. Oxuvar can be bought on the web (follow link), will keep for 3 years and will treat between 6–15 colonies when using the 275 g bottle. It is a liquid which is mixed with sugar. The Trading Hut will not be stocking any oxalic treatments.
Follow the instructions carefully and use a syringe to trickle the solution onto the seams of bees. Do not exceed the dosage in the instructions – Link to instructions

We are planning a demonstration, and assistance for beginners, at Hatch End on the 11th of December, depending on the weather – watch for details on WhatsApp and email. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Preparing your oxalic acid:

The smallest pack (35g) treats 10 hives. It comes as a powder which can be divided eg half = 5 hives, any remainder should keep well if sealed in the pack and kept dry or 2 or 3 people can share a packet. The powder is mixed with sugar solution as described in the instructions and should be used on the day of mixing. Remember, if you are dividing a pack you need to divide the sugar solution in the same proportion.
Avoid inhaling the dust when mixing.

This is a liquid to be mixed with sugar. For a National Hive it should be trickled at 3-4ml/seam, but a maximum of 50ml/hive. When 30g of sugar is mixed with 30ml of the stock liquid this will make about 45ml, about the minimum it is practicable to mix and sufficient for 11 National frames. The liquid will need to be warmed in order to help the sugar to dissolve, but will need to be only lukewarm for trickling. You might find it easier to mix the sugar in by shaking in a sealed jar. The mixture will have to be used on the same day, but the stock solution will keep until the expiry date in the origainal container.
Follow the instructions on the label.