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Improver’s Course

We will be running an improvers’ course for 5 evenings on zoom during January and February.  This is aimed at people who are working towards their basic assessment, but any member who has done a beginners’ course is welcome to join us.  It will be on Monday evenings, and the provisional starting date is 9th January.

It is recommended that all beekeepers take their basic assessment within the first two or three years of starting their beekeeping.  It is a requirement to have the basic before keeping bees on allotments sites under some local authorities.  If you have bees on HBKA sites, you are expected to be working towards the basic assessment, and to take it when eligible.

Please let our Education Officer know if you think you would be interested in joining the course, either with a view to taking the basic in the summer, or simply to brush up on your beekeeping knowledge.