Swarm Collectors


Sure you have a swarm of honey bees


Harrow Beekeepers run a volunteer collection service for honey bee swarms in and around the borough, call one of the nominated members below. The area and partial postcode may help to find who is nearby.


Outside the Harrow area you can search nationally for a swarm collector on the British Beekeepers Association website. The BBKA website can also show you who is nearest if you can enter the postcode nearest the swarm. Otherwise your local council (environmental health) or police station may have a list of local beekeepers.


Swarm Collectors:

  • Caroline Geheran 07973631909 - Swarm Coordinator HA2
  • Philip Clarkson 07836336425 
  • Tilman Marsh 07595725135 HA5
  • Doreen Patterson 07746002496 WD17
  • Maurice Woodbridge 07584100567 HA1
  • Rod Hewson 07421768873 WD23
  • Jack Nicole 07786251295 HA1
  • Moira Spiers 07715278087 HA4
  • Karnik Tarverdi 07783537081 HA1
  • David Bliss 07973126310 HA5