The Shed has Landed

The new shed is now erected and most of the contents of the ABC have been moved into it, the old ABC needs decoration. Tilman's plan is that the decoration should be on the weekend of 15th and 16th October when the ABC will be fully redecorated and the new floor tiles will be laid. On 2nd October we have to dust and clean all the surfaces ready for painting that weekend. The jobs needed will be removal of the remaining contents of the ABC to the shed and dust, hoover and clean all the surfaces that are to be painted.

If you are able to help on October 2nd (the next working party) feel free to bring your hoover with an empty bag as cobwebs and  dust on rafters and edges needs cleaning. In addition the screws holding the notice boards need a Phillips screw driver to help with their removal. The aim is to leave table and chairs so the education session on the 9th October can be held but leave it such that the decoration and dust sheets should be able to be put over them quickly, ready for the 15th and 16th painting sessions.
Please let Tilman know if you are able to help on Oct 2nd and /or 15th &16th October.