Middlesex Federation

 The Federation of Middlesex Beekeepers' Associations currently has six member associations:

Middlesex Map 1662 Pieter van der Keere

The FMBKA, more commonly known as the "Middlesex Federation" or the "Federation", is an area association of the BBKA.  Through our membership of the Federation, our members are represented within the BBKA national organisation. The member associations in the historic county of Middlesex are independent associations, most registered as charities in their own right. This is distinct from some other counties in England where there are local branches of a single county organisation.

The Federation can trace a history back to 1883 as the Middlesex County Beekeeping Association, and from 1965 in the current format of a federation of independent associations. The list of member associations has changed over the years, some of the history was recorded at the time of the Middx Centenary in 1983.

The Federation has these responsibilities:

  • Organisation of the Middlesex classes of the National Honey Show in late Autumn.
  • Organisation of the "Federation Day" of beekeeping lectures in February/March.
  • Representation at the BBKA's Annual Delegates Meeting.
  • Co-ordination and notification of BBKA's policies, for example disease and treatment, honey production or administration

The most recent change to the Middlesex Federation was to welcome members Barnet and District who were previously part of the Hertfordshire area and still appear as such in some association lists.  Membership of beekeeping associations is not geographically restricted to current local authority boundaries, just like bees themselves. Beekeepers can be members of whichever associations are convenient to them. Most have have friend or associate membership available which allows participation in more than one without duplicating BBKA membership.

Middlesex associations have members outside the historical county boundaries and we also have neighbouring associations who have members in parts of the county but are not part of the Middlesex federation: