Hello Members,


Firstly, the HBKA Committee hope you are all keeping well and safe through what will be a difficult period for all of us. The situation we find ourselves in is constantly changing, and the impact of the pandemic is being felt in almost every aspect of our lives.

In line with government guidelines/ advice, HBKA will strictly follow these and any changes additional guidance as it is published/ advised.

With regret, all HBKA courses and training has been postponed and face to face Committee meetings have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Any refunds that are required for postponed courses will be arranged through the Treasurer.

Any member placed in isolation as a result of coronavirus and unable to look after their bees can contact other local HBKA beekeepers or me to seek help to service their hives - see below.

BBKA has advised that at the moment beekeeping activities that are performed outside can continue as long as members are well and non-symptomatic, as this is usually a solitary activity. Where two people are involved, please check you are both well and without symptoms before undertaking this work.  Suitable care should be taken to ensure no cross infection during beekeeping.  

Your bees will need to be inspected and swarm and disease prevention measures should be taken as required.

With regard to bee keeping supplies, Gloria has said she is willing to open the trading shop as we all need supplies. So this facility will be open at times to be advised. Unlike what has happened in many supermarkets panic buying will be controlled, should that action become necessary and supplies will be limited. Will all members please all keep your distance from others (2 yds./ Metres) at all times.

BBKA has today sent out a note to all its membership, advising that bees are considered livestock by HMG/ Defra and that they must be cared for throughout in these difficult times. Swarming bees will also need to be dealt with and for HBKA Caroline is co-ordinating this service. BBKA has reminded HMG that a sugar priority/ ration for beekeepers will become necessary if a sugar shortage occurs at some future date.

Please keep safe,

Finally, as always - HBKA members should try to help each other when possible, but should you need help because you are unable to contact a local member, please contact me and I will help you with this.


Rod Parker
HBKA Chair

Friday, 20 March, 2020 - 14:15