Coronavirus advice to members regarding events at the HE Apiary


HBKA has our weekly education sessions and forthcoming beginner’s course scheduled to take place in the forthcoming weeks.

Please be reassured HBKA will follow the advice of the authorities with regard to any necessary steps that we should be taken as the situation develops.  
At the moment Government advice does not prevent our planned events to go ahead and currently there are no restrictions proposed for large sporting events nor indeed smaller gatherings such as the anything HBKA organises. 

So we intend to carry on with our planned education event this Sunday 15th March. However we ask that anyone with symptoms and / or feeling unwell not to attend, this may be in addition to you having already decided to self-isolate because of your own concerns and/or risks. Government advice is people with a fever or a 'continuous' cough should self-isolate themselves.

Saturday, 14 March, 2020 - 18:30