Buy Local Honey

Buying honey from local producers supports the bee population and pollination in the gardens, parks and allotments around you. Many crops and decorative plants depend on bees to make fruit and seeds including soft fruits like raspberries, plums, apples, squashes, decorative berries like cotoneaster and many others. The honey contains pollen from the flowers found in your area which many people say helps them with allergies like hayfever.

Harrow Beekeepers Association sells honey at their annual show at Headstone Manor on Summer Bank Holiday in late August. Also May Day Festival at the same venue and other fairs and events in and around the borough. At other times the following beekeepers usually have some honey for sale. Please bear in mind that honey is a seasonal product and the amount and time it is available varies. Bees travel a couple of miles but each beekeeper will be able to tell you more about where their bees have been working. Most have only a few hives and a limited number of jars for sale.