Epigenetic Codes in Bee Development

New research at the University of Sheffield and in Australia has discovered histone codes in honey bees for the first time. These codes are in the proteins that control the way DNA is expressed. They could hold clues to the way that bee larvae with identical genetics can develop differently into queens and workers based on environmental factors such as what they eat.

Latest BBKA Magazine

Received today the BBKA News and in the centre pages are the list of Middlesex based Beekeepers who passed their Basic


Bees on Radio 4 Farming Today

The BBC Radio 4 Farming Today program on 3rd December was all about bees. The programme included an interview with Ian Homer, the ex bee inspector who many of us have met.

Ian was talking about the danger to bees over winter with the low levels of stores they have been able to gather this year and how poor mating might see a lot of drone laying queens in spring.

Constellations - Love With A Beekeeper!

Showing until 5th January 2013 at the Duke of Yorks Theatre - and tickets are going fast. There are only a handful of seats left. This is the second time in a year that this incredible play has been in the West End - maybe it will be in for a long term venue next year? It's a story of a physicist and a beekeeper: how interesting is that scenario going to be?! I attach a review from The New Yorker...