Petition Your MP To Ban Neonicotinoids

British bees are dying. With some species already extinct, our bees are in real danger. Our best hope to protect them could be to persuade the government to ban the pesticides that harm them. [1]

This week, a report from leading scientists confirmed a specific pesticide poses a real danger to our bees. [2] This could be enough evidence to force the government into bringing in this vital ban, but the chemical giants who make these pesticide will be lobbying against a ban.

Neo-Nictoinoids - The French Experience

The attached report, written and distributed by Graham White, a Scottish beekeeper, will make you aware of the battle that took place in France from 1994-2000  over neonicotinoids and bee/ bird/ wildlife deaths. It also presages the political struggle that will undoubtedly follow in Australia and New Zealand - as a re-run of what has already taken place in France, Germany, the UK and the USA.

A detailed account of the fight against neonicotinoids

South East Bee Report 2012

The 2012 South East Report from the Regional Bee Inspector, Alan Byham, is now available on the NBU Beebase website.

Banded Hoverfly

Honey Warehouse Emptied


Low yields this year may make honey stocks more attractive to thieves.

Four tons of honey were stolen from a warehouse belonging to a bee farmer near Gloucester before Christmas. The honey was in 30 pound containers and CCTV showed the honey being loaded into a lorry but, as yet, the thieves have not been identified.