Wax Workshop Runs Again

Bill, Doreen, Moira and Judy once again have got together to organise another Wax Workshop, for 20th July. So book early as places are being snapped up.

For more details click here. See what happened last time by clicking here.

Microscope Day

February training day at the HBKA apiary allowed many members to get some experience using microscopes and preparing samples. Checking for nosema spores and dissecting to diagnose acarine infection were the main activities.

Microscope Day

Farming Today - Neonicotinoids

Managed to catch this update from Farming Today on BBC.

Really odd the NFU Bee Representative was very much on the fence. Clearly they don't want knee-jerk reaction but a real sense that they want to keep using these chemicals because they reckon that their yields will drop. Good news is that B&Q is withdrawing the pesticide.

48 Hours To Sign Petition - As European Union vote to ban neonicotinoids

Avaaz (the petition site) have sent us this email (PLEASE NOTE - IT IS PROBABLY NOT NECESSARY, NOR DO WE RECOMMEND YOU ADD YOUR POSTCODE/MOBILE NUMBER WHEN SIGNING THE PETITION - Name, Email and Country should be sufficient):

Breaking news!! Europe's leaders could move to ban bee killing pesticides in 48 hours. Send this to everyone -- let's build a 2-million-strong swarm and make our voices heard before they meet

BBKA & Neonicotinoids

Dr David Aston, the Chairman of BBKA, has written to all the beekeeping associations with some news on their representation to the government on neonicotinoids:

The BBKA has been awaiting  the publication of reports from the European Food Standards Authority on the risk of three neonicotinoid insecticides to honeybees, bumble and solitary bees.

These reports have now been published and the attached statement sets out the BBKA's position on EFSA's research and recommendations to the government and regulatory authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of our honeybees.