BBKA & Neonicotinoids

Dr David Aston, the Chairman of BBKA, has written to all the beekeeping associations with some news on their representation to the government on neonicotinoids:

The BBKA has been awaiting  the publication of reports from the European Food Standards Authority on the risk of three neonicotinoid insecticides to honeybees, bumble and solitary bees.

These reports have now been published and the attached statement sets out the BBKA's position on EFSA's research and recommendations to the government and regulatory authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of our honeybees.

January 2013 Bee News

I have collected all the interesting bits of bee related news found by our eager members (but mostly from Eileen Boden!):

Neonictinoids and Climate Change - Lethal for Bees

Bees swarm mini-helicopter camera

Queen Of The Sun

A new DVD/film has been released about bees. It is on offer for local communities to view although you can pick up the book it might be worth someone picking up a copy to show:


Wax Workshop Success

We all had a fantastic time at the Wax Workshop. Even the snow did not stop the course from going ahead. We all managed to walk away with our own fantastic examples of rolled candles, dipped candles and mold candles as well as beeswax polish, hand cream and soap.

Petition Your MP To Ban Neonicotinoids

British bees are dying. With some species already extinct, our bees are in real danger. Our best hope to protect them could be to persuade the government to ban the pesticides that harm them. [1]

This week, a report from leading scientists confirmed a specific pesticide poses a real danger to our bees. [2] This could be enough evidence to force the government into bringing in this vital ban, but the chemical giants who make these pesticide will be lobbying against a ban.