Swarms In the Local Paper

Moira was called out to a swarm that toppled an ornamental woven willow on the flower stall at Uxbridge station. Sounds like Moira made the most of the PR opportunity. Swarm Uxbridge

Swarm Season

swarm Swarm season is well underway in and around Harrow. Reports started as early as the first week in April where fields of OSR were available. The pictured swarm appeared at the HBKA apiary on the 27th April. Now is the time to check your hives regularly for queen cells.

Harrow Bee Equipment Sale

Following last year’s successful event this year’s sale will take place on Sunday 27th April at 11 am. So look out all your unused bee equipment and bring it along. The sale will be on the green just outside the apiary. 10% of the sales will go to the association funds.. fortnum bees

NBU Circular

The latest NBU newsletter includes warnings that some areas in the East of England are seeing stores running low after the mild winter. Continued brooding might also have resulted in varroa levels building up. There is also the annual recruitment of SBIs, including the position in Bucks vacated by Julian Parker, our recently promoted RBI.

Quotes as below:

National Honey Show Lectures

Several of the last NHS show talks are available on Youtube to view at home. A chance to catch up for anyone who couldn't get to the show in person.