Spring Forager

The Spring 2015 edition of the Forager is out - unfortunately winter came and went without a Forager, and so nearly did spring. But seeing as it is only just starting to feel like summer here's the spring edition being delivered just in the nick of time and I hope you enjoy it. This is Anna's last one but she's handing the baton over to Rod Parker who will do a fantastic job of continuing this much loved magazine. 

Server Moves

This web site will be undergoing some server upgrades on Sunday 21th June from 11:00PM GMT. We don't expect any outage, but there could be some addressing or refresh issues over the following few hours.

Simple Queen Rearing

Next education session is simple Queen Rearing with KC Sham . Rearing queens from your own hives, 11am Sunday 14th June.

Swarm Time

Swarming is well underway, and improving weather in June may see more. Make sure you don't lose half your colony with regular inspections and swarm control, notes from recent session are available. Swarms are being collected, if members want to start or expand with a swarm, prepare your hive and get your name on the swarm list with Bill. There will almost certainly be swarms for all members who want them in the next month or so.