Bio Blitz at the apiary

A bio-blitz is a short, sharp but thorough study and recording of all flora and fauna of an environment. Typically done over a 24-hour period, we’re doing a shortened version just on Saturday morning, but including checking some traps set up the evening before. It’s a way of identifying and recording the biodiversity of a habitat, and giving us a much greater understanding of the ecology of our apiary.

The event is intended to be informal, fun and informative. You don’t need to be an expert biologist to take part, just to have a curiosity about the wildlife about you. There will be plenty of handbooks available, plus some visiting experts, to help with identification. There’ll also be an opportunity to take a closer look at some of the things we find through the microscopes.

Friday 2nd September 7pm.
Introduction to and setting small mammal traps, thinking about what mammals we might catch & how, followed by a Bat talk - a quick talk about bats before using a couple of different types of bat detector to record species in the apiary and along the river in the apiary. Bring your torches!

Saturday 3rd September 9.30 until 12noon
An approximate programme:
9.30am      Open mammal traps, monitoring mammal species & size, and releasing back into wild
10am          Find, identify and record trees, plants, fungi, bugs, spiders, birds etc found on site
11am          Tea & biscuits
11.30am    River dipping, looking for freshwater invertebrate species & fish
12pm          Begin species tally, identification of any other species present. Mention of I Record & other recording software
12.30pm    Closing, total species tally and more tea

We will not be opening or going near the hives.
Please bring along clipboard/notepad and pen, small plastic pots for collecting specimens for later identification (if you have any), wellies, and your enthusiasm!

In due course we’ll be reporting back to you on all the species we find on the site, as well as sharing our findings with national groups recording biodiversity in the UK .

Wednesday, 31 August, 2016 - 09:45