Bee Auctions, it must be Spring..

Bee auctions have been taking plce for many years. They usually take place at a weekend in Spring organised by a local bee association with the participation of the area RBI and include live bees as well as equipment. Too late for the recent Lincoln auction this year (pictured)  but established ones coming up are West Sussex on the 23rd April and Gloucester 14 May, see calendar for times and places.

These are well atended events and an opportunity to pick up cheap second hand equipment. Usual hygiene warnings apply but live bees are inspected and used broodcomb otherwise is excluded as a precaution. The Lincoln auction had a few hundred attending from as far as Durham and Yorkshire as well as the East Midlands area with around 400 lots of equipment ranging from new nuc boxes (around 20 pounds) to used extractors and queen excluders (2-5 pounds each in bundles). Also on sale were around 30 colonies from 5 frame nucs to 12 frame (very) full hives going for 140 to 250 pounds and around 100 lots of books and bee related collectables, many of which were only a pound or two.